Do you get the feeling there’s more you could be accessing in this lifetime? A better hairstyle to suit your personality? I can assist you in finding out what that is. Over the course of my life I have gained a skill set that allows me to coach another to rise up to a higher sense of being, to figure out one’s hidden talents, their strengths, & shed light on those shaded areas that deserve attention in this lifetime so as to help you live your life more positively, in return, making a more positive impact on the world & the population residing within.

If you are searching for ways to develop your strengths, rise up to a higher frequency, dive into your deepest recesses & fall in love with your self all over again…I believe I can help you.


Below is a link to my blog space where I share all kine thoughts, ideas, teachings, people I‘ve encountered on my path


If you are a hairstylist, tired of the mundane gossip, and looking to standout to your clientele, join my team. I can assist you in fine tuning your abilities behind the chair, put down the gossip mags & truly get to know your client, fortify their time with a tarot or palm reading, an astrological profile, or one of your other hidden talents I can realize with you & fortify.