All of my life I have been fascinated by the existential purpose of our time here & captivated by the beauty that surrounds us -life is truly magnificent! My top 3 in Western Astrology: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, & Aquarius Rising(ascendant), along with being a Water Dog(Eastern Astrology). I consider my self a diplomat, an alchemist…& alongside my brilliant mind, here to enlighten a path forward, a lover of truth, beauty, & love.

Feeling called to study spirituality & the high arts as a child, I found myself deep in occult practices & basically anything “taboo” I could get my paws on -esoteric knowledge was not as easy to access as it is these days. I found Tarot & Palmistry came easiest to me. Although I’ve always had great power within me, I’ve been humbled a time or two to “watch my tone” & balance my frequencies to harmonize with the world around me. Through observation, I learnt the power of influence & the words we choose. As these gifts were developing within me, I practiced: hair, makeup, transformation, illusion/glamour…& along with philosophizing amongst my peers, I realized I had found my niche.

I pursued a professional career in Cosmetology in the year 2000; with an insatiable hunger for knowledge & loyal to my cause, I continued my education -in the beauty industry & with a multitude of spiritual advisors- developing a skill set that allows me to bridge all of these talents, these gifts, together. I have devoted my life to bringing out the very best in this world & the life I connect with.

When receiving a zodiacal birth chart analysis, my areas of expertise are: Eastern, Western, & Medical Astrology, along with “Love Cards” & Gene Keys/I-Ching. I get along with Jyotish/Vedic Astrology & Human Design -but they are not my strong suit. Whether I see you in my chair or otherwise, I hope my words have inspired you.